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I visited and photographed the JFW area for 15 years. Before part of the wetland became a park, my fellow swamp rats and I just hopped a fence and waded on in. In those days, the photography was mainly snaps of birds and the many wetland plants. I must admit there was a certain joy in the (slightly) clandestine and childlike feelings of exploring "the wilderness".

But with the construction of the boardwalk, vistas and opportunities opened up. Today, neither weather or water levels are hindrances to exercise and exploration, nor, of course, to photography. .

"Spring Buttercups"
"Boardwalk" "Fencepost Sunset"
"Snow Day" "Frozen Fog"
"Gateway" "Cattails"
"Willow Reach" "Rose Garden"
"Birdsong" "Echoes"
"Mythos" "Spring Light"
"Rosehips & Raindrops" "Tapestry"
"Denouement" "Genesis"

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