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'I ♥' is very responsive to developer action, and I am calibrating my first set of digital negatives to a single dynamic range.  I have tweaked my favorite developer to what I consider a perfect fit for my own, personal "Holy Grail" goal (the Look, visualized mostly in the soul, formed around the memory of that first, perfect, photograph you saw).  I humbly dub it "Defender 55 DWR".   'Bűrki and Jenny Cold Tone' and 'Ansco 135 Warm-Tone' round out enough developer control for even my obsessive-compulsive requirements. 

Note: It's looking now like the amidol developers will need a different set of negatives.  Amidol is too expensive (and toxic) to play around with.  Time will tell whether or not I devote much to the effort.


"Defender 55 DWR" (starting from the classic Defender 55 D: The Darkroom Cookbook, 2nd Edition. Stephen Anchell, 2000)

Water (125F/52C) 500 ml
Metol 2.5 g
Sodium sulfite 37.5 g
Hydroquinone 10.0 g
Sodium carbonate, mono 45.0 g
Potassium bromide 14.0 g
Glycin 6.0 g
Water to make 1 liter

Working solution. 1: 2 parts stock to water plus 25 ml 2% benzotriazole per liter working solution.  Two minutes at 68-70F.


Please see The Darkroom Cookbook for the recipes for 'Bűrki and Jenny Cold-Tone' and 'Ansco 135 Warm-Tone' developers.